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Neo Petcon India Pvt Ltd

The 20 year old company markets cutting edge technology for the automobile and the refinery sector aimed at energy conservation and environment protection.

Neo Petcon India Private Limited was formed in 1995. The promoters are all engineering professionals with extensive experience in business and industry. The thrust areas defined were energy efficiency improvement and environment improvement, with new relevant technologies and this focus continues today.


We have been using TOTAL-made fuel additives for the last 11 years successfully in our generators, trucks and buses. This has resulted in increased engine life and clean smoke from the exhaust. We have reaped the benefit of fuel economy of 8%-10%!

R. Raghunathan, VRL Logistics Ltd. General Manager

On each round trip of 110 kms which consumes 70 ltrs of diesel I am after using Adon D Super saving 4 ltrs. I have observed fuel savings of 5.7%. In addition to fuel economy I have also observed an increase in load carrying capacity and smooth drivability.

Dilprit Singh, Rishi Markanda Earth MoversOwner

The fuel additives show improvement on every equipment.

Mr. Manmohan Singh, Lakshmi Cement Senior Manager

We can say that depending on the age and condition of the engine, use of the diesel additive imported from France would lead to about 5% saving in diesel consumption.

J. Ramnath, Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company Limited

Online cleaning of heaters using Polarchem L2K was found to be effective for heaters having tube accessibility. There was an arch temperature reduction of 8.3% in CH21, 7% in DDH1 and 3.3% in NHH1.

Bharat Petroleum Kochi Refinery


Our additives has generated fuel savings of 615 million tonnes and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by over 1.9 billion tonnes.

Advanced Eco-Friendly Diesel Additive With Friction Modifier.

Save Diesel & Save Money, Multi Functional Diesel Additive